The Silverado Amateur Radio Society

It is with great sadness we report the passing of John Wehren. John was a long-time member of W6CO with the call sign of N6XN. N6XN is now a Silent Key. John was first licensed in 1966 as WB6YBO. He upgreaded to Extra in 1978 and was then issued the call sign N6XN.

N6XN, you will be greatly missed.

Our Club

Napa County has some challenging geography for communications: a valley roughly 40 miles long, with one north-south mountain range on the west and two in the east, and northbound access challenged by Mount St Helena. The mountainous areas are forested, and our Mediterranean climate guarantees periodic risks of fire, flood, road-block, and power loss.

Amateur radio in its many forms has the diversity and independence to continue forwarding messages despite serious disruptions that can swamp or eliminate our everyday communications.

SARS was founded in Napa County in 1962. Its members come from all walks of life and share one common interest: maintaining the capability of amateur radio to enhance our community’s quality of life and security. We want to involve and educate our neighbors so they can join in helping this capability grow and become even more extensive. Our members purchase and maintain their own equipment, and most can operate “off the grid” whenever necessary, using a variety of forms of radio communication. Even in good times, members keep ready by pitching in with communications for county-wide charity events that involve cellphone-dead areas.

Ham radio is a fascinating hobby, with serious potential for doing public good. Come to a club meeting and check it out. Better still, consider becoming a member! You won’t believe how easy that is to do. No license is needed. (But we can help you get one if you so decide).



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