W6CO Repeaters (Local Napa Valley)

W6BYS Repeater 146.82 MHz (PL 151.4) on Mt St Helena

W6BYS Repeater 146.82 MHz (PL 100) on Sugarloaf

AllStar Node 50706

W6BYS  440.0500 MHz (PL 114.8) On Railroad Hill (Yountville CA) Linked to to dodropin system

WA7G 441.675 MHz (PL 100)  On Sugarloaf Ridge This is a WINs System Repeater

W6CO  Repeater 441.90 MHz (PL 151.4) on Mt St Helena

W6CO Repeater 147.180 MHz (PL 151.4)

W6CO Repeater 441.800 MHz (PL 151.4)

Lists of local repeater frequencies on the Benicia Amateur Radio Club site on this page: BARC